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Facebook_NEG The Grand Canal in Rose Pink & Grey No 1 (adjusted) (2) 'Dancing Silver Waters' (oil) (800x698) (640x558) The Venice Suite No 1 Venice in Gold no 1 (800x476) (640x381)

reflections of venice

'Venice in Gold  no 2' Private Collection UK 'Silver Waters Venice' 'Venetian Heat Pink' Carlton Towers Hotel, London

'venice in gold 2'

                               oil on panel

                               98 x 59 cm

 'silver waters venice'

                                oil on panel

                                 58 x 66cm


'dancing silver waters'

                                 58 x 76cm

                                oil on panel

'silver waters with rose coloured skies'

                                oil on panel  

                                 26 x 33cm

'venice in gold no1'

                               oil on panel

                                98 x 59cm

'venetian heat pink'

                               oil on panel

                                95 x 95cm


Silver Waters with Rose Coloured Skies (800x627) (

 'venice suite no. 1'

       from a series of 12 unique monotype etching

70 x 100cm


'Immortal Reflections in Rose Pink no1, Venice' 'Immortal Reflections in Rose Pink no2, Venice'

'immortal reflections in rose pink no 1'

unique monotype etching

20 x 30cm


'immortal reflections in rose pink no 2'

unique monotype etching

20 x 30cm


'Immortal Reflections in Rose Pink & Silver' (The Grand Canal)

unique monotype etching

100 x 49cm