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'The Bay, Above & Beyond I Sea' The Golden City Jedah in Shadow No 1 Jedah in Blue Langham commission 'Urban Heights' Nocciano Blues' DOKAAE Development, Saudi Arabia Nocciano Nocturne No 1

'the bay- above & beyond I sea'

unique mixed media lithograph

92 x 76cm

'the golden city'

42 x 42cm

unique mixed media monotype

'jedah in shadow 1'

mixed media monotype

37 x 37cm

'jedah in blue'

mixed media monotype

37 x 48cm

'urban heights' London

oil on panel

103 x 200cm

'nocciano blues'


36 x 61cm

'nocciano nocturne 1'

mixed media monotype

36 x 61cm

'Still Morning, The London Eye' no 1 35x25cm Uniqu

'Still Morning, The London Eye No1'

from series of 25 unique monotype etchings

                                  35 x 25cm

'Nocturne in Pink & Gold, The Fireworks No 2' low

    'Nocturne in Pink & Gold, The Fireworks'


                                66 x 56cm