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new york suite

'Metropolitan Dawn' 'New York Composition with Scarlet' 'New York Prelude 1' private collection England 'New York Prelude 3' private collection, Denmark Dawn Prelude (private collection UK) Soft Vibrations 1 Vertical Air (private collection UK)

                                                           'new york composition with scarlet'

                                                                            oil on panel

                                                                         1220 x 620mm

'metropolitan dawn'

oil on panel

800 x 800mm

'new york prelude 1'

oil on panel

620 x 620mm

'soft vibrations 1'

oil on panel

900 x 900mm

'new york prelude 3'

oil on panel

620 x 620mm

'dawn prelude'

oil on panel

250 x 380mm

'vertical air'

oil on panel

             120 x 300mm

New York Movement 640x1200mm (800x427)

       'new york movement'

               oil on panel


'Neon City Lights' oil on panel 124x94cm (800x611) New York Rhythms, Speed 400x820mm 400x820mm (800x3

      'new york rhythm, speed'

                oil on panel                                                  

               400 x 820mm

'neon city lights'

oil on panel

            1240 x 940mm

Rythms of New York (private collection U.K) 600x60


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                                    ' Rythmns of New York

                                            oil on panel'

                                          620 x 820mm